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Catheterization Trainer with Male Genital Insert "Henri" and Female Genital Insert "Florence"

by Nasco Healthcare

  • Professional training models realistically simulate and educate on proper transurethral bladder catheterization in both the male and female human
  • Modular pelvic housing allows for the use of both male and female genital inserts while strictly maintaining the unique anatomical position of each
  • Innovative bladder is designed to accommodate these different anatomies and guarantee on uninterrupted urethral path from meatus to bladder neck
  • Both anatomical inserts are made with high-quality materials that closely simulate real human tissues in both appearance and feel while remaining strong and durable
  • Bladder shape is specifically designed to avoid the unrealistic resistance present in existing catheterization trainers
  • Bladder shape helps prevent students from trying to "palpate" the back of the bladder as a way to correctly gauge insertion depth
  • Bladder also utilizes innovative valve type that prevents unnatural resistance when catheter enters bladder
  • Transparent bladder enables student to see catheter's position and depth
  • Perfect for training with Foley catheters, as the user can actually watch the balloon inflate and be seated
  • Bladder connects easily to a provided fluid bag which provides natural "urine" flow following successful catheterization
  • Includes soft carrying case

Male Genitalia Insert:

  • Has the most realistic urethra of all currently available catheterization trainers on the market
  • All 4 zones of urethra are represented with corresponding anatomical shape and resistance during catheterization
  • Includes a replaceable foreskin with extremely realistic mobility that allows training of retraction, handling, and other hygiene procedures
  • Also includes strap which, when attached, will simulate narrowing of the prostate due to BPH or prostate cancer

Female Genitalia Insert:

  • Designed to require spreading the labia in order to locate the urethral meatus
  • Female urethral opening is not immediately obvious and is located very close to the open vaginal canal, highlighting the potential for unsuccessful catheterization
  • Urethra provides a realistic amount of resistance and feels lifelike during catheter insertion