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T3 EMT-B Video Scenarios

by Nasco Healthcare

  • Incorporate up to 20 hours of group activities into your EMT-B training program
  • 12 dynamic video cases place students into virtual calls and put assessment and management decisions into their hands
  • Critical thinking questions inserted throughout the videos get students to discuss the material

T3 EMT-B Video Scenario System Includes:

  • Classroom Video Cases: 12 interactive cases of over 2 hours of HD video footage engage students in learning assessment and management techniques
  • Simulation Scenario Lesson Plans: 12 plans contain step-by-step setup and performance guides
  • Online Activities and Tracking: Allows the assigning of pre-class self-study work
  • Instructor's Resource Manual: Contains suggested ways to incorporate T3 activities into a traditional classroom, as well as answers to all of the questions presented throughout the 12 cases

Cases and Scenario Topics:

  • Cardiac - Chest Pain and Arrest
  • Respiratory - COPD and Asthma
  • Neurologic - Stroke
  • Diabetic Emergency
  • Poisoning - Opioid Overdose
  • OB - Normal Birth and PPH
  • Behavioral - Schizophrenia and Suicidal
  • Allergy and Anaphylaxis - Bee Sting
  • Bleeding and Shock - Partial Amputation
  • Head Trauma - ATV Crash
  • Burns - Gas Explosion
  • Environmental Emergency - Heat Exhaustion
  • Includes instructor's manual, lab binder with 12 laminated scenario cards, and thumb drive with videos