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Gaumard® Advanced OB Susie® Birthing Torso - Light

by Nasco Healthcare

  • Allows you to simulate every stage of the birthing process
  • Simulate audible maternal and fetal heart sounds from 0-200 BPM, as well as audible newborn cries, grunting, and stridor
  • Palpation of the fetus is ideal for practicing Leopold maneuvers
  • Practice vaginal breech deliveries and free the legs using the Pinard maneuver
  • Also allows for deliveries requiring vacuum augmentation or forceps
  • Includes torso, birthing baby, and newborn baby
  • Bladder catheterization with variable urinary flow - use conventional urinary bladder to reduce bladder size
  • Clamp placement and umbilical cutting
  • Delivery of placenta - position placenta to simulate placenta previa
  • Insertion of medication through rectum
  • Simulate postpartum bleeding
  • Uterine massage
  • Vertex or breech deliveries

Birthing torso includes:

  • Blood collection stand with squeeze bulb to regulate pressure
  • Directions for use
  • Distensible cervices (3)
  • Midwifery gown with snaps
  • Nonsterile urinary catheter (not for human use)
  • Non-latex gloves (2 pairs)
  • Placentas with removable fragments (2)
  • Postpartum hemorrhage fluid silicone lubricant (1.25 liters)
  • Requires 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • Simulated blood concentrate
  • Simulated urine concentrate
  • Stethoscopes - 1 conventional and 1 Pinard
  • Storage bag
  • Suction bulb
  • Talcum powder
  • Vulval inserts (4)

Newborn baby features:

  • Head cap to minimize hypothermia
  • Squeeze bulb for operating umbilical pulse
  • Umbilical catheterization