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Hemiplegia Simulation Suit - Large

by Nasco Healthcare


Learn the conditions of hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body) caused by a cerebrovascular accident, an external injury to the brain, a brain tumor, etc. by experiencing the actual effects of hemiplegia. Helps nurses and healthcare workers deepen their sympathy and concern. The suit is fixed so that users experience the similarity of having stiff joints due to hemiplegia. Can be used on both the right and left side. Users will gain understanding of the irritation and fear of not being able to cross the street quickly, the difficulty of climbing up and down steps, the difficulty and anxiety of getting in and out of vehicles, and other situations. Tightness can be adjusted with the rubber belt. The cane is useful for various movements, and the necessity of it will be strongly felt. Includes: main suit with sleeve, nonslip shoes (right and left), folding cane, wrist equipment, knee equipment, ankle equipment, and storage bag. The suit (jacket) is washable. Suit size: 65 in.-68-7/8 in. H. Shoe size: 9-13/16 in.-10-5/8 in. L. Orange suit and black shoes.