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VATA, Inc. Port - Body in a Box

by Nasco Healthcare


Compact, lightweight, and quick to set up and put away. A great tool for training, competency testing, and skill assessment of port (IVAD) palpation and accessing. With this teaching model, it is possible to simulate palpating and accessing an implanted port with the following placements: normal, "tipping," "wandering," or deeply placed. Successful access is confirmed by a "blood" return. Fluid can be infused and "blood" withdrawn. Unit has own 35 cc blood reservoir bag neatly tucked inside. Accessing can be taught and practiced within the case or removed for group use. The two round inserts, used to simulate the "wandering" and "tipping" port, are interchangeable to vary the experience. The skin flap has two thicknesses: the 1/4 in. side will approximate the "feel" when palpating a port at an average depth, and the 1/2 in. side will approximate the "feel" when palpating a deeply placed port. The skin flap is made of a latex-free Dermalikeâ„¢ for 50% less needle drag when accessing and improved tear resistance to permit a greater number of needle "sticks." The underlying soft tissue block permits the port to "float" when palpating through the skin flap, for a truly realistic experience. Includes a real port with 9.6 FR catheter, 7-1/8 in. x 5-1/2 in. skin flap, soft tissue block with two interchangeable inserts, 35 cc blood reservoir bag, one each of 3/4 in. and 1 in. Huber needles, 5 cc luer lock syringe, three packets of lubrication gel, clear container for storage of supplies, user's manual, and 9-1/2 in. x 6-1/2 in. heavy-duty ABS case.