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Gaumard® Zoe® Gynecologic Simulator - Light

by Nasco Healthcare


Combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynecologic procedures, as well as practice laparoscopic examination and minilaparotomy


  • Full-size adult female lower torso with relevant internal anatomic landmarks
  • Bimanual pelvic examination
  • Palpation of normal and pregnant uteri
  • Vaginal examination (including insertion of speculum)
  • Visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices
  • Uterine sounding
  • IUD insertion and removal
  • Contraceptive sponge insertion and removal
  • Female condom insertion and removal
  • Diaphragm and cervical cap insertion and removal
  • Laparoscopic visualization and occlusion of fallopian tubes
  • Minilaparotomy
  • 1 anteverted and 1 retroverted parous uterus
  • One 10-week pregnant uterus
  • 1 postpartum uterus
  • 5 normal cervices with patent os
  • 4 abnormal cervices
  • 10 fallopian tubes
  • Realistically sculpted and anatomically accurate ovaries and fimbriae
  • Uterus and cervix feature patented "screw" design for fast and easy change-out

Includes complete skin covering, talcum powder, K-Y Jelly, instruction manual, and soft nylon carry bag