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Deluxe IV Injection Arm. [SB25998]

by Nasco Healthcare

    Unique in quality and design
  • Allows for realistic training to teach competence to medical staff
  • Suitable for group instruction because of its high-quality, stain resistance and easy-to-clean soft material
  • Ideal for practicing the following:
    • Correct puncture of peripheral veins for blood sampling
    • Intravenous injections
    • Positioning of a butterfly catheter
  • The following veins can be punctured:
    • Basilica vein
    • Cephalic vein
    • Dorsal venous rete of hand
    • Median cutital vein
  • Made of 3B SKINlike silicone
  • Injection arm with alrady mounted tubing system comes in deluxe storage carton with infusion bottle, stand, 250 ml bottle of 3B Scientific® artificial blood concentrate, plastic cup, disposable syringe, 2 injection cannulas (recommended cannula size: 20 and 21 gauge), 2 tubing systems as replacement parts, and container of talcum powder