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The Thin Man: Sequential Human Anatomy Program [SKU: SB23900]

by Nasco Healthcare


The Thin Man: Sequential Human Anatomy Program

[SKU: SB23900]

Lets students explore body regions layer-by-layer for in-depth understanding. The near life-size, full-color illustration of the human body details human anatomy in a way no chart or torso can duplicate.

A sequence of four transparent Mylar® overlays allows the peeling away of layer after layer of tissue, progressing ever more deeply into the body. This provides valuable insight into the three-dimensional spatial relationships of principle structures, major vessels, and organ systems.

Displayed on the back side is a full-figure view of the skeletal and nervous systems.

Standing 63 in. tall, the Thin Man is mounted on a warp-proof composition board, and is supported by a tubular steel frame on a tip-proof four-legged stand.

Lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.