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MVR-Nursing Virtual Simulator SOFTWARE ONLY [SKU MVRL-N010]

by Nasco Healthcare


MVR-Nursing Virtual Simulator SOFTWARE ONLY

[SKU MVRL-N010] 

MVR-Nursing is a virtual simulator designed to train nurses in professional skills by immersing them in clinical practice scenarios with a wide variety of virtual patients.

Safely perform assessments, examinations, and administer treatments in a realistic environment without harm to live patients. 

Features clinical case libraries with comprehensive overviews of emergency care, ICU management, medical care, and pediatric care. 

Customize medications and scenarios while evaluating performance against standard assessment systems and protocols. 

CPR, airway management, defibrillation, ECG, medication administration, and more. 

• Lifetime license
• Automative updates
• Haptic feedback 
• Patient interaction with dialogue
• Unique teleportation feature 
• Minimum space required (4 sq. ft.) 
• Over 50 interactive items 
• Optimized setup, load and response time

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