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Laerdal® IV Torso

by Nasco Healthcare


Allows practicing of intravenous access techniques for both advanced cardiac life support and trauma. Specifically designed to meet the key educational goals of training programs. Practice IV access to the external jugular vein internal jugular vein via the anterior, central, and posterior approach subclavian vein and femoral vein. The areas available for IV access are simulated by soft pads covered by realistic skin that simulates the feel of human skin as closely as possible. The simulated veins inside the pads provide a natural resistance during puncture and a natural flashback of blood. When the needle is withdrawn, both veins and skin will self-seal so that the site of puncture is not visible to the next student. Pads are pre-filled with simulated blood. No setup required! A pulse bulb enables the instructor to create a palpable pulse in the manikin's arteries. Long catheters can be placed into the training model. Replace the neck pad and femoral pad without the use of any tools. Includes torso, carry case, one bottle of simulated blood, one set of IV pads, and directions for use.