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Child CRiSis™ Nursing Med-Surg [SKU: LF0366504]

by Nasco Healthcare


Child CRiSis™ Nursing Med-Surg 

[SKU: LF0366504]

This is a lifelike, full-body CPR manikin with a Child Airway Management Head. It offers realistic training and practice of child airway management and CPR education including laryngospasms (manual), tongue edema (manual) and manual pulse points. An additional IV arm (LF03612) is also included. This manikin is 46¾ in. long and weighs 20 lbs. (9 kg). Five-year warranty. 

    CPR Simulation (HSG1PR100)

      Heartisense™ turns this manikin into smart CPR manikin with real-time feedback


      • Premium compression pad
      • Control module
      • Breath module
      • Breath module holder
      • Battery (1.5V "AA")
      • Student and instructor apps*

      * Student app runs on Android™ or Apple® tablet/phone. Instructor app runs on control tablet provided.

      Sh. wt. 74lbs. (33.5 kg).

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