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Life/form® Male Cath-Ed 1 Simulator [SKU: LF01025]

by Nasco Healthcare


Life/form® Male Cath-Ed 1 Simulator

[SKU: LF01025]

The Life/form® simulator combines visual and tactile learning sensations of catheterization in one compact unit.

The mid-sagittal dissections allow detailed study of the internal anatomy and provide students an opportunity to follow what happens when they catheterize a patient.

The removable plastic cover identifies key anatomical structures. With practice on Cath-Ed 1 Male Simulator, normal restrictions at the bulbous urethra and bladder sphincter can be detected and identified. A Foley catheter can be demonstrated and seen through the viewing port.

Includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, one catheter, 50 cc bulb, syringe, and instruction manual. This simulator does not have a functional bladder.

Five-year warranty.

Size: 15 in. x 14 in. x 18 in.

*NOTE: Dover Products was the original sponsor for these products.

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