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Life/form® Cricothyrotomy Simulator [SKU: LF00994]

by Nasco Healthcare


Life/form® Cricothyrotomy Simulator

[SKU: LF00994]

The Life/form® Cricothyrotomy Simulator is developed for learning and practicing the techniques necessary to perform needle or surgical cricothyrotomy procedures.

The Simulator is used by paramedics, EMTs, combat medics, flight nurses, anesthesiologists, and other emergency medical personnel to strengthen ability and confidence to perform or assist in implementing surgical airways.

Anatomically accurate landmarks aid in site training and allow for fast action. The hyperextended neck allows the user to determine the proper incision site. The trachea in the simulator is replaceable, as the airway passes completely through from top to bottom. This allows checking the stylet and obturator placement once the incision has been made.

Complete with a chin and full-size neck, ties can be used to hold the obturator in a secure position. Inflation of the simulated lung verifies correct placement.

Includes the simulator with base, six replaceable neck skins, six adult trachea inserts (four rigid, two soft), six child trachea inserts (four rigid, two soft), two simulated lungs, instruction manual, and hard carry case.

Five-year warranty.

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