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Life/form® Breast Examination Simulator [SKU: LF00984]

by Nasco Healthcare


Life/form® Breast Examination Simulator


The Life/form® Breast Examination Simulator is a teaching and practicing simulator to train individuals breast palpation techniques. 

Special vinyl formulations have been used to create the most lifelike look and feel possible. A unique feature of this simulator is the realistic fluid breast mass. This mass allows displacement of breast tissue under palpation almost exactly as it occurs in a live patient.

Each breast contains abnormalities. The left has a small nodule in the upper outer quadrant and a fibroadenoma in the lower inside quadrant. The right breast has a fixed lump in the upper outer quadrant, a fluid filled cyst in the lower inside quadrant.

The simulator allows women to practice all phases of breast examination in both a sitting and supine position. This lightweight simulator is designed with a concave back to allow placement against the patient for ease in demonstrating or practicing palpation techniques.

The Life/form® Breast Examination Simulator is complete with teaching guide and American Cancer Society Guide to Breast Examination. Now also includes a neck strap (3 ft. long) and a waist strap (4 ft. long) that are adjustable and can be strapped on.

Five-year warranty.

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