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Intramuscular Injection Simulator [SKU: LF00961]

by Nasco Healthcare


Intramuscular Injection Simulator

[SKU: LF00961]

The Intramuscular Injection Simulator offers both visual and tactile learning.

Key Features:

  • Simulated bony structure embedded in the torso represents the superior end of the femur, or greater trochanter, the posterior superior and anterior superior iliac spines, and the sacrum
  • Bony structure provides palpable anatomical landmarks helping students identify proper injection sites
  • A section of the upper, outer quadrant of the left gluteal area is cut away to allow students to visualize the underlying structures
  • Gluteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles, sciatic nerve, and vascular structures which are clearly shown
  • Three types of intramuscular injections can be taught and practiced on this simulator: dorsogluteal, ventrogluteal, and vastus lateralis injections.

The Intramuscular Injection Simulator is extremely realistic. The skin and muscle textures, as well as bone shape and position, closely resemble a live patient. As a result, perforation of the tissue with a needle duplicates the sensation of administering an actual injection.

Comes complete with teaching guide, supply of syringes, and hard carrying case.

Five-year warranty.

Dimensions: 22 in. x 16 in. x 10 in.

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