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Life/form® Non-Pitting Edema Trainer [SKU: LF00946]

by Nasco Healthcare


Life/form® Non-Pitting Edema Trainer

[SKU: LF00946]

The Life/form® Non-Pitting Edema Trainer represents a non-pitting stage of edema, also known as brawny edema, which is a very hard, fibrotic tissue that does not indent when pressed. The life-like simulated tissue feels rock-hard, making pitting impossible.

For comparison, the trainer also includes a Stage 3+ (6mm) edema pad with deep pitting that remains for a short time when the tissue is pressed.

Includes two tissue pads representing a non-pitting stage and a pitting stage, insert tray, key card with cleaning/care instructions, and storage box.

Skills that can be practiced:

  • Assessment of stages (3+ and non-pitting)
  • Assessment of depth (6mm and no depth)
  • Assessment of rebound time to baseline
  • Feel of non-pitting stage

Download Manual Instructions