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Life/form® Complete IV Arm and Pump Set [SKU: LF00706]

by Nasco Healthcare


Life/form® Complete IV Arm and Pump Set

[SKU: LF00706]

A complete set of IV arm simulators for blood collections, intravenous injection, and infusion.

The arms are designed to allow training in real clinical settings, with delicate needle-tip resistance and flashback confirmation.

Simulators feature soft material with realistic tactile feeling and offer true-to-life needle-tip resistance. The circulation pump offers leak-free connections with easy setup and maintenance.


  • Life/form® Adult Injectable Training Arm (LF00698U)
  • Life/form® Pediatric Arm (LF00958U)
  • Life/form® Infant IV Arm (LF03637U)
  • Three pint bottles with simulated blood powder
  • Six fluid supply bags
  • Three 3 cc syringes
  • Two butterfly sets
  • Two 22-gauge needles
  • Six white towelettes
  • Four clamps
  • 12 cc luer lock syringe
  • 25-gauge infusion set
  • IV arm circulation pump
  • Power adapter
  • Battery power adapter
  • Tubing assembly
  • Pump tube replacement
  • Tubing adapters