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Advanced Lucy SimVS OB Delivery Simulation System [SKU: LF0004001]

by Nasco Healthcare


Advanced Lucy SimVS OB Delivery Simulation System

[SKU: LF0004001] 

A simulation system with a new level of physical realism. Allows for a near-human connection and enhances training by allowing students to experience normal and abnormal deliveries.

Combining Lucy with the SimVS Fetal Monitor System allows real-time monitoring of simulated fetal heart rates and maternal contractions to enhance the realism of simulated obstetric scenarios.

 Key Features:

  • Lightweight, full-body female - 66 in. (167 cm), 35-lbs. (16 kg)
  • Simple to transport in pre-hospital scenario training
  • Superior range of motion with fully articulated joints
  • Bony landmarks including ischial spines
  • Patient positioning and transfer techniques
  • Deliveries - vaginal, c-section, forceps-assisted, and vacuum-assisted
  • Umbilical cord clamping and cutting
  • Umbilical cord prolapse
  • Cervical dilation
  • CPR
  • 5-year warranty

 SimVS Fetal Monitor System:

  • Preprogrammed scenarios with complex birthing issues
  • Instructors can also control the monitor on-the-fly or build custom scenarios
  • Instructors control all variables, including decelerations, accelerations, contractions, and maternal vital signs
  • 3 tablets: instructor, patient monitor, FHR monitor
  • Alarm system for bed, call bell, and IV pump
  • Telemetry monitor functionality
  • AV projection cables for classroom use
  • TOCO belt and accessories
  • Carrying case
  • Router
  • Free student app

 Sh. wt. 90 lbs. (40.8 kg).

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