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LapAR™ – Take Home Simulator [SKU: IN0-LAPAR-01]

by Nasco Healthcare


LapAR™ – Take Home Simulator [SKU: IN0-LAPAR-01]

This take-home version of the LapAR™ addresses the emerging demand for tracked distance learning in laparoscopic simulation.

It allows the user to perform simulated full surgical procedures and basic skills by connecting the simulator to their PC or laptop.

Performance data is captured and displayed in the online portfolio which can be downloaded to surgical training portfolios and logbooks.

Key Features 

  • Close to life haptic feedback
  • Realistic digital anatomy with soft tissue models
  • Full procedure simulation (multiple specialities)
  • Trigger and manage intraoperative complications
  • Objective feedback on key metrics of surgical performance
  • Performance tracking on validated curricula
  • Record and review training progress with online portfolio

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