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BlockSim [SKU: BLK]

by Nasco Healthcare




BlockSim is a high fidelity system for the simulation of Ultrasound-Guided
Fascia Blocks.

Size - 55.125 lbs

The simulator includes very realistic ultra-durable inserts. Traditional anatomical
landmarks, a lightweight, compact and easy to store box equipped with high fidelity sensors for the virtual ultrasound monitor.

BlockSim™ is able to provide the opportunity to acquire and practice technical skills in a safe, controlled, and reproducible environment without the risk of harm to patient and with the capability to be repeatedly used.

BlockSim™ is the ideal “virtual phantom” for this kind of procedures since is readily available, has got inexpensive inserts/pads and it can provide tactile feedback.

BlockSim™ is also able to hold a needle in place and to not generate needle tracks as well as not be a health hazard.

BlockSim™ enables hands-on procedural training and permits, thanks to its realistic insert, coherent simulation of the resistance to penetration of the different tissues traversed by the needle during fascia block procedures.


  • N°1 BlockSim sensorized black box.
  • N°1 Notebook PC with BLK software
  • N°1 LCD Monitor
  • N°1 Simulated ultrasound probe
  • N°1 Sensorized Needle
  • N°3 Fascia Blocks Tissue Inserts
  • Transport boxes and instruction manual

1 year warranty.

Download Manual Instructions