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Eva Gynecologic Manikin With Carry Case [SKU: 160-1900]

by Nasco Healthcare


EVA Gynecologic Manikin with Carry Case

[SKU: 160-1900]

The EVA Gynecologic Manikin is a lifelike female pelvis for developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures, anatomical instruction, abdominal palpation, and speculum instruction.

EVA allows the comprehensive, stress-free introduction of gynecological examinations, or more advanced tactile comparisons of pelvic pathologic conditions in a classroom setting, easing the way into clinical experience.

Constructed of soft, easily cleaned vinyl materials that approximate skin texture, EVA provides detailed, life-like anatomical features and references.

Included are the following interchangeable inserts:

  • Normal cervix for IUD insertion and removal
  • Normal parous cervix
  • Cervix with endocervical polyp
  • Cervix with ectropion characteristics
  • Cervix with neoplasia (carcinoma)
  • Normal uterus for IUD insertion and removal
  • Pregnant 10-week uterus
  • Two adnexal masses
  • Product is dark skin tone only

Size: 13" x 13" x 12".

Ship weight 8 lbs.

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