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STAT PHTLS Nursing Med-Surg

by Nasco Healthcare


Simulaids® STAT PHTLS Full-Body Trainer (101-317):

Trainer supplies 4 main skill sets as defined by the Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) course offered by the National Registry for EMT (NREMT)
Airway maintenance with basic and advanced adjuncts
IV therapy
I/O therapy
Chest trauma treatment
Many countries around the world are initiating PHTLS training based upon the NREMT regimen
Full-body manikin (6 ft.) contains all necessary features for teaching the curriculum in this specialized field:
Pneumothorax reduction
Bilateral chest decompression sites
Bilateral chest tube insertion sites
12 pulse points (6 pairs) with 3 zones
Intubation head with tongue, edema, and laryngospasm (Combitube®, L.M.A., L.T., O.P.A., N.P.A., and E.T.)
Manubrium I/O insertion
IV arm
Weighted for added realism


CPR Simulation (HSG1PR100):

Heartisense™ turns this manikin into smart CPR manikin
Enables accurate and effective training and assessments of students and consists of apps and sensor kit that can be attached to a manikin
System can also be used on other CPR equipment you have in addition to the included manikin
Provides real-time feedback and a realistic interface
Perform compressions, ventilations, or both
Control up to 6 manikins at a time
Digitally saves all training and assessment data
Online LMS available
Each pack includes:
Premium compression pad
Control module
Breath module
Breath module holder (A, B) punch
Punch guide
Battery (1.5V "AA")
Quick user guide
Sponge (for Prestan® manikin)
Heartisense™ student* and instructor* apps

* Student app runs on Android™ or Apple® tablet/phone. Instructor app runs on control tablet provided with Heartisense™ can be running at the same time.