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SimVS Fetal Heart Monitor

by Nasco Healthcare


SimVS Fetal Monitor is a real-time monitoring system that works with tablets and is used in simulated obstetric settings during the labor and birthing process to display both fetal heart rates and maternal contractions.

An economical educational solution to this complex topic. Included a library of preprogrammed scenarios that will take students step-by-step from the basics to advanced scenarios with complex birthing issues, including shoulder dystocia and postpartum hemorrhages.

Instructors can also easily control the monitor "on-the-fly" or build custom scenarios
Instructors control all variables, including decelerations, accelerations, contractions, and maternal vital signs.

SimVS Fetal Monitor System allows programs to realistically create simulation environments that mimic a real-life experience.


  • 3 tablets: instructor, patient monitor, FHR monitor
  • Scenario library
  • Alarm system for bed, call bell, and IV pump (additional 3 Android™ tablets)
  • Telemetry monitor functionality included to run on your own iPad®
  • AV projection cables for classroom use
  • TOCO belt and accessories (by Pocket Nurse®)
  • Carrying case
  • Router

Free student app that allows you to use extra iPads® to connect to use additional screen options