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Body Interact™ Clinical Education - Standard Package - Educator Account [SKU: 101-0495]

by Nasco Healthcare


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Body Interact™ Clinical Education - Standard Package - Educator Account

[SKU: 101-0495]

An interactive digital simulator for practicing diagnosing diverse and multicultural patients using problem-solving and clinical reasoning.

  • Intuitive interface makes setting up and running Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) easy
  • Configure for a large tabletop touchscreen, a tablet/computer, or via a web browser
  • 3-D virtual interactive patients present with visual signs and symptoms like pain, consciousness, cyanosis, and chest movements
  • Enter into dynamic dialogues with the virtual patient
  • Allows monitoring of vital parameters in real-time
  • Perform an initial assessment of the patient using the complete ABCDE approach
  • Order lab tests
  • Perform an ECG and various types of imaging
  • Perform interventions such as catheter insertion, defibrillation, chest compressions, oxygen, and transfusions
  • Select from a complete selection of drugs and fluids the appropriate category, administration mode, and dose for the patient
  • Decide which scenarios are available to students at any given time
  • Scenarios rely on clinical evidence and well-established guidelines

Scenarios are regularly updated to address basic, intermediate, and advanced clinical skills goals in:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Vocational Curricula

No of single-user accounts: 1,000 accounts in the same campus.

Virtual Patient Content Packages: 6 content packages, 60 scenarios.

Online Training, learning management system (BI Studio) are included.

Tables are not included and sold separately (101-0555).