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Sellick™ The Cricoid Pressure Trainer

by Nasco Healthcare


Sellick™ The Cricoid Pressure Trainer
• Learn, practice, retain, and reproduce the correct technique for effective cricoid pressures
• Anatomically correct neck section with thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, and proximal trachea, all
covered by a simulated skin
• Pressure transfer system connects the neck section to the base of the simulator and realistically “gives”
as the cricoid is depressed under pressure
• Backlit LED interface displays real-time cricoid pressures in Newtons up to a maximum of 35 Newtons
• Integrated timer starts and stops on application of pressure
• Red flashing LED system alerts to cricoid pressures above 35 Newtons
• Blue LED system indicates lateral pressures above 10 Newtons
• Lightweight compact design is easy to set up and store
• No batteries required — powered through USB or mains power
• 1-year warranty