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CasPeR The CPR Dog [SKU: 100-5000]

by Nasco Healthcare


CasPeR The CPR Dog

[SKU: 100-5000]

CasPeR The CPR Dog serves both veterinarian and lay persons in the instruction of CPR.

With it you can demonstrate the correct:

  • Rescue position for administering CPR
  • Tongue movement for clearing the airway and sealing the oral space
  • Position for checking femoral pulse
  • Hand position for compressions
  • Procedure and depth of compressions
  • Procedure for rescue breathing via mouth-to-snout

The individual-use airway/lung system is a proven method for eliminating cross-contamination between students and each student discards the airway after the day's instruction ends.

The system needs no tools to install and removes with a gentle tug. When the student ventilates the manikin, the dog's chest will rise in proportion to the volume of air instilled.

CasPeR comes in a box with a convenient carry handle, is supplied with 100 airway systems, and has a squeeze bulb for generating femoral

Dimensions: 26" x 22" x 9".

Ship weight 14 lbs.

Download Manual Instructions