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Strategic Operations (STOPS) Hyper-Realistic Moulage Kit

by Nasco Healthcare


Strategic Operations (STOPS) Hyper-Realistic Moulage Kit (HRMK) – US only


The Hyper-Realistic Moulage Kit provides the capabilities of a professional SpecialEffects Make-up Artist in one highly versatile product. The HRMK inserts Hyper-Realism into any training revolution, increasing the stress inoculation factor for medical and non-medical professionals; greatly decreases the costs when implementing Hyper- Realisticcasualties into training scenarios because everything is completely reusable.

The HRMK is 100% user-customizable enabling the order of specific "pages" with the desired wound patterns or types.

The HRMK contains:

• All required supplies needed for wound application and removal

• The ability to produce up to 12.5 gallons of Artificial Blood

• Step by step instructions for application, removal, cleaning, reusing, and storing of wounds

• Reusable and customizable injury reference cards to increase the realism for casualties

as well as simplify wound description and application for non-medical personnel

• Removable "pages" of wound patterns for ease of use and accountability

Customizable wound patterns:

• Superficial and deep lacerations

• Closed and compound fractures

• lmpaled objects and shrapnel wounds

• Partial and full-thickness burns

• Partial upper amputations

• Abdominal eviscerations

• Flail chest and open thoracic injuries

• Extraorbital avulsions with or without

ocular injury

• Maxiofacial trauma with and without

dental injuries

• Chemical, Biological, Radiological and

Nuclear injuries

• Entrance and exit gunshot wounds from

multiple calibers – 5.56, 7.62, and 9 mm.

All wounds can be applied on any anatomical location to create the desired effect

Unique Features:

• Complete re-usability of wounds

• All supplies stored in one portable bag for ease of use and convenience.

Eye Avulsion, Compound Humerus Fracture, Dorsal Hand 1st & 2nd Degree Burns,Superficial Large Laceration, Bowel Evisceration, Gunshot Entrance Wound,Forearm Laceration with Shrapnel, Upper Extremity 3rd Degree Burn, Compound Fibula Fracture, Gunshot Exit Wound, Penetrating Shrapnel Wounds, Sucking Chest Wound,

2nd Degree Partial-Thickness Burn, Forearm Laceration, Partial Hand Amputation,

Partial Foot Amputation