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STOPS Blood Pumping System

by Nasco Healthcare


The Blood Pumping System  (BPS) is a Hyper-Realistic™ medical training system designed to simulate human life-threatening hemorrhage in conjunction with the simulated human injury patient. The BPS is an innovation in patient worn bleeding simulations mimicking a small day pack. The BPS is self-contained and allows for (4) simultaneous bleeds controlled by a wireless fob. Each line can be controlled by the operator to simulate both venous and arterial bleeds. The BPS comes in a Basic and Deluxe model.

Deluxe version includes:

• Two (2) femoral sleeves (1 with / 1 without pants and a protective guard)

• Two (2) brachial sleeves (1 with / 1 without bone and a protective guard)

• Blast Pants

• 2.5 gallons of blood concentrate for up to 12.5 gallons of Artificial Blood