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Fundus Skills and Assessment Trainer

by Nasco Healthcare


Features the normal anatomy of the status-post and postpartum female abdomen designed for training fundus assessment and massage skills.

  • Upper thighs articulate for positioning
  • Interchangeable uteri (firm, well contracted uterus and "boggy" uterus)
  • Fundus offset secondary to bladder distention
  • Anal hemorrhoids visible
  • 2nd degree midline episiotomy
  • Genitalia is elongated with swelling to the clitoral area
  • Vaginal orifice is more visible and opened
  • Labium minus more flapped to expose the vaginal canal

Includes: female pelvis and upper thighs, firm fundus, "boggy" fundus, simulated blood, five peri pads, baby powder, and instructions for use.